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What Home Decor Style Am I?


Identifying your personal aesthetic style is the first step towards creating a home and indoor space that truly reflects who you are and what you love. Do you prefer modern, clean lines and a minimalist interior, or something warm and cozy, with plush pillows and lots of throws for those cool nights?

Read on to know how you can identify your unique home style and how you can achieve this with what you already have at home.

5 Interior Design Styles: Which one are you?


a living room filled with furniture and a large window.

If you have old and new pieces all mixed up in your space, you can easily adopt a transitional interior design style. This mixes traditional and modern styles, where you can find Old World pieces mixing with modern items made of metal and glass. Think of a modern apartment with glass windows decorated with Oriental wood pieces and soft accents like candles and plush pillows. Just make sure to not overdo it with your accents since this home decor style works best when clutter is not involved.


a modern living room with a large tv on the wall.

A contemporary style is harder to pin down because it evolves with the times but doesn’t look stale or dated. If you prefer your home to have a minimalist vibe but not feel like you are living in a museum, this is the style for you. Contemporary design focuses on clean lines especially when it comes to furniture, but it also uses flourishes such as decorative details on the walls and interesting conversation pieces that are sprinkled thoughtfully throughout the room. Neutral or earthy colors are staples in contemporary design, from warm browns to cool navy blues.


an open door leading into a room with a chair and potted plant.

Shabby chic is still very much in style although you can dress it up for a modern feel by bringing a little restraint into your decorating. Throw pillows in fluffy wool and cotton, white or other soft hues, distressed washes on anything from the table to wooden plant holders, and your grandma’s heirloom dish-ware are stapled shabby chic items that can bring this aesthetic to life. The shabby chic style is where heirloom pieces and hand-me-downs, even-aged and cracked ones, can shine so if items with a lot of history and personality appeal to you, this is your style.


Kitchen Remodel

Modern farmhouse interior design is what a room would look like if a stylish farmer on Instagram lived there. Think natural, organic furniture and accents, wooden floors and beams, paired with utilitarian and refined accents, like metal accents and marble counter tops. Avoid visual clutter like the plague. If you hoard decorative tin cans and country memorabilia, better keep those in storage until they come back in.


Rustic Interior Design

If you are drawn to natural fibers, wicker baskets, country chairs, and comfy sofas with flower prints, this is your style. Known for cozy comfort, rustic styles are great in a house with kids because rustic elements are known for organic durability, with lots of wood and stone for tables, chairs, and counter tops. Burlap and canvas are the staple fabrics for the rustic style which are also very hardy materials, great for homes where spilled drinks and stains are a daily thing.

Still clueless about what kind of style you are into? Look at what kinds of interiors catch your eye and what elements you already have at your house. The things you decide to keep can give you an idea about the style aesthetic that you prefer.

Right here in West Michigan at Delight In Designs we can create your dream space, starting with the things you already have at home. This is a fun and creative process where we ask you questions to determine what style fits you, from inspirations and color choices to fabrics that you want to incorporate in your space. You can ask us questions so you can get a clear idea about the entire process of transforming your boring interior spaces into spaces that truly reflect who you are. If you want to learn more about what we can do for you please schedule your discovery call or call us, 616-288-9780, or take our Interior Design Questionnaire

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