We’re Bringing Pretty Back! Easy Ways to Bring Pretty Back Into Your Home


As I travel through the beautiful luxurious homes that were on exhibit for all of us to see in the HBA Grand Rapids Parade of homes, I can’t help but notice (along with another Delight In Designs partner) that “pretty” is back!  At Delight In Designs, we have always believed that the MOST important part of your home is that is all about YOU, your story needs to be attached to your home.  So how do you keep your story attached yet follow all the trends we saw at the HBA Grand Rapids Parade of Homes? The urban rustic feel is still an in-home trend today, but hints of “pretty” peeked through in the way of, color, hardware and one of my favorites, lighting! 


Can you say YELLOW!  Well, hello yellow, it is in and with a vengeance!  The full palate of yellow was used throughout the parade.  Some of the BOHO styles we saw were more of a mustard yellow, in throws, in throw pillows.  Kitchens are another place to show off yellow, whether through the big bold sunshine yellow lighting to help wake you up in the morning to the simple cookbooks carefully displayed on the countertop.  Mint green and blush pink also seemed to be a predominate theme throughout the parade whether in a child’s room or greeting you with color in an entry way. Yellow, mint and blush all can bridge to…pretty!

pretty yellow couch


As you walked through most of the bathrooms and/or kitchens in the parade you probably noticed that the sky is the limit when it comes to hardware.  There were mixes of metals that captured your eyes attention, a smart change to trends as the homeowner can replace as needed, rather than having to change out the faucet, towel bar, cabinet handles all at the same time.  Golds, silvers, nickel and wood all used in the same room!   It was very popular to have a farmhouse cabinet coupled with polished gold handle to capture pretty, to sparkle and to shine.

pretty gold accents in a kitchen


Pretty doesn’t have to mean traditional and blasé, especially when it comes to lighting!  Yes, a crystal chandelier can be exquisite, but so can an antiqued polished pendant light, especially five of them to illuminate your kitchen island!  We saw chandeliers used in walk-in closets, a child’s room or even above the pool table, it is a way to show off your style, interest and bling all as the same time!

pretty lighting over dining table


The use of picture frames, painted chalkboard walls, the gold/silver mirrors are all ways that we can inject pretty. Sometimes it’s as simple as that and can make a big impact in your decor.

pretty bedroom with gold mirror on wall

Gaining inspiration from the HBA Grand Rapids Parade of Homes is one of Delight In Designs favorite activities, we hope we can pass on what we see and learn to you to help you inspire…bringing pretty back through color, hardware and lighting was fun to observe, hopefully you too were filled with ideas to stylize your home! 

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