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Top Six Furniture Trends for 2022


Furniture is a vital component of interior design that engages a certain proportion of your field of vision at entering any space. Therefore, the world’s top interior designers endorse gaining advantage from the compatibility of style and luxury while picking your favorite piece of furnishing. And like other design trends, the design trends of furniture also change every year. Here we go with the top five furniture design trends for 2022.

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Multipurpose furniture is gaining ground as it makes a home more operational and equally responsive to the needs of the family members. Multipurpose furniture is preferred by people for its potential to make a limited space more multifunctional. Today, the use of a Murphy bed with an office desk is becoming very popular. It engages a limited space and makes it available to be used as a workspace and a sleeping space in alternative hours. In 2022, you would also find a baker’s rack with drawers being used as workstations at home. Moreover compact seating, and transforming furniture such as transformable tables, TV panel convertible into a workstation, sliding worktops pull-out drawer tables with folding chairs, and a Murphy bed with a bookshelf are also among the hot most picks for 2022 by the world’s top interior designers. With our newest cabinet line, Showplace, we can maximize the size of your spare room with a custom murphy bed that will stylish and useful.

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Curvaceous furniture with soft lines will be popular in 2022 and beyond. Curved furniture makes a home comfier and adds the element of romance and elegance into the interior design of a house. Furniture with rounded edges includes a C-edged sofa, round tables, and more. It adds luxury to a home design be it a minimalist, Scandinavian, or contemporary home. We feature this lovely table and chairs from Lexington.

a dinning room table with chairs and a vase of flowers.


Poufs come in a variety of shapes, colors, fabrics, and patterns. These poufs can be included in any home design for the purpose of décor and additional seating. You can uplift the interior design of a living room by adding a pouf with a pop-up color or eye-catching pattern. While attending the Atlanta Market earlier this January we ordered some fabulous poufs and will be available to purchase in-store.

a large ottoman sitting on top of a rug next to a potted plant.


Minimalism is the most loved interior design style across the globe. Minimalist design is preferred by home décor devotees due to its simplicity, sophistication, and clean lines. Minimalist furniture engages less space and makes a room more practical. It adds a classy touch to an interior design by leaving more floorplan-free. Just take a look at this simple console table from Uttermost.

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Biophilic design is also going to stay in 2022. It makes an interior design closer to nature with the use of organic materials and products. When it comes to biophilic design, plants and shades of green are found in abundance. A great example is this rattan chair with a black iron base

a wicker chair with black legs and a white background.


Since we are living in the post-COVID world, home office furniture has become an essential element for any home. Every home requires to furnish the needs of its residents and so home office furniture is becoming popular across the world. You would see a work desk in every home in 2022 with all the facilities to use it as a home office. Home office furniture includes a work desk with or without drawers and cabinets, high back chairs with neck rest, or chairs with flip-up arms to sit for hours. This Uttermost desk desk and chair would be a beautiful for your home office.

a desk with a chair and a lamp in a room.

The Bottom Line

You can upgrade your existing interior design according to the emerging trends of the world. All you need to do is to follow the furniture trends for 2022 and see the difference. You must have heard that the magic of aesthetics is in exquisite furnishing!

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  1. Minimalism is something I really want to look into for our home space. Our condominium feels a lot better if it’s following a lofty look, so I can bet that furniture styles like these will compliment that a lot. I’ll ask an interior designer to help me out with picking the right ones as soon as I can.

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