Home Renovation Trends That Really Pay Off


Thinking about a home makeover? These five renovation trends are stylish, practical, and worth every penny. Imagine convertible spaces that switch from an office to a guest room, or a dedicated laundry room that keeps chores organized and easy. A large kitchen with a central island becomes the heart of the home, perfect for family gatherings. Built-in storage keeps everything neat and clutter-free. And for those working from home, a dedicated home office is essential. These upgrades will transform your home into a haven of comfort and efficiency!

Project Breakdown: Clients Left Hanging

Stephanie and Jim’s home renovation dreams hit a snag when their contractor vanished, leaving their plans for a spacious, modern living area in limbo. Their small, outdated kitchen and the disconnected layout of their home stifled their lifestyle. Stepping in, our design-build firm embraced the challenge, transforming their space by demolishing walls to create a cohesive kitchen and dining area, complete with a central island, a built-in coffee bar, and a relocated laundry room for added functionality. The renovation introduced a fresh aesthetic of crisp white and navy cabinets, elegant quartz countertops, and a stylish backsplash, truly revitalizing their home and turning it into a haven of style and comfort.

Project Breakdown: A House Turned Home

Undertaking a range of renovations, including revamping two bathrooms, upgrading the kitchen, and refreshing the fireplace, the project was a big task. They chose to temporarily relocate during the process, trusting us to bring their vision to life, and the results exceeded their expectations. This couple, driven by a love for life’s simple pleasures, aimed to create a space that not only looked great but also matched their personalities and needs. Their kitchen was outdated with limited storage, and their bathroom needed a facelift. Despite a well-proportioned fireplace, its worn appearance needed attention. Moreover, the dimly lit powder room with outdated fixtures awaited a transformation. With enthusiasm, they saw this as their final renovation, aiming for exceptional results.

Kitchen Harmony-Project Breakdown

Kitchen Remodel

Embark on a journey with us as we delve into the captivating story of Colleen and Randy’s kitchen remodel, a project that seamlessly blended functionality with elegance. Facing a common issue of a disruptive bathroom adjacent to their kitchen, we embarked on a mission to reimagine their space and create a kitchen that not only met their needs but also reflected their vibrant lifestyle.

New Year Resolutions: Home Revamp

Grand living room with a white shiplap fireplace with a natural wood mantle New Year Resolutions

Revamp your home in 2024 with a stylish kitchen, serene bathroom, and sophisticated living spaces. Elevate your guest areas with chic decor and turn guest rooms into luxury retreats. Pay attention to often overlooked spaces, transforming them into showcases for creativity. Make every corner of your home fabulous, as your living spaces become a reflection of your dazzling personality. Cheers to a year of home transformation and happy decorating!