Home Renovation Trends That Really Pay Off


Thinking about a home makeover? These five renovation trends are stylish, practical, and worth every penny. Imagine convertible spaces that switch from an office to a guest room, or a dedicated laundry room that keeps chores organized and easy. A large kitchen with a central island becomes the heart of the home, perfect for family gatherings. Built-in storage keeps everything neat and clutter-free. And for those working from home, a dedicated home office is essential. These upgrades will transform your home into a haven of comfort and efficiency!

New Year Resolutions: Home Revamp

Grand living room with a white shiplap fireplace with a natural wood mantle New Year Resolutions

Revamp your home in 2024 with a stylish kitchen, serene bathroom, and sophisticated living spaces. Elevate your guest areas with chic decor and turn guest rooms into luxury retreats. Pay attention to often overlooked spaces, transforming them into showcases for creativity. Make every corner of your home fabulous, as your living spaces become a reflection of your dazzling personality. Cheers to a year of home transformation and happy decorating!

Ho Ho Home Who Wouldn’t Go

Ho Ho Home Grand Rapids Michigan Delight in Designs

Embark on a magical journey through The Vander Jagt, where Delight in Designs and local wizards transformed every corner for a charitable cause. Over 200 guests explored rooms turned into festive wonders, featuring a plush pink velvet couch, a grand piano, and Santa-themed decor. Stay tuned for a virtual tour through each enchanting holiday-themed room, making Vander Jagt the epicenter of festive joy. Thanks to Delight in Designs and local accomplices, it’s a holiday dreamscape come to life!

Deck The Halls With Delight: Your Guide To A Holiday Home

holiday home

Embark on a holiday home makeover with our festive blog, offering design tips and easy DIY projects for a winter wonderland. Picture glossy red doors, wreath-making soirées, and twinkling lights. Swap everyday pillows for holiday-themed ones, creating a sofa sanctuary. Transform your fireplace into a magical mantel and create cozy corner nooks with plaid blankets and hot cocoa stations. Bonus tip: Upgrade your entryway for a practical yet stylish welcome. Embrace the chaos, let creativity shine, and make your home sparkle this season!