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Imagine yourself, in the midst of breathing new life into your home. You wanted a bold change to your living space, one where the barriers between the kitchen and dining room would be torn down to forge a singular, expansive area for gathering, cooking, and sharing. Yet, the vision extended beyond just structural changes. You imagined incorporating fun and unconventional tile patterns that would become a talking point for visitors and installing unique lighting fixtures that would not only illuminate your home but also accentuate its beauty. Then unexpectedly, the contractor you hired to spearhead the renovations vanished without a trace. This left your home in a state of incomplete transformation, with dreams of a revitalized living space hanging in the balance.

Meet Stephanie and Jim

They are active parents, navigating the bustling life of raising two boys in the thick of their middle school years. Their aspirations for a revamped home turned into a drawn-out ordeal when they were abruptly left with a partially demolished space, the contractor responsible having disappeared into thin air. This unforeseen hiccup left them living in a chaotic and unfinished environment for two whole months.

In a twist of fate, this challenge presented an unexpected opportunity for both the family and our company, Delight in Designs. Initially brought on board solely for our design expertise, the unexpected departure of their contractor thrust us into a more pivotal role. Recognizing the distress and urgency of the situation, Delight in Designs made the decisive move to not only design but also execute all the construction and renovation efforts. Stepping outside of the original scope of work, we worked with Stephanie and Jim to turn a tale of disruption into one of transformation and renewal.

Stephanie, with her calm and nurturing spirit as a yoga instructor, and Jim, with his dynamic and strategic mind from a career in sales and marketing, are not just partners in parenting but also share a deep enthusiasm for maintaining a fit lifestyle and hosting gatherings that bring together friends and family. When they acquired their home back in 2016—a structure that dates back to 1996—they were filled with visions of transforming it into a contemporary sanctuary that would echo their active and sociable way of life, a place that could host laughter, stories, and memories in equal measure.

The Problem

Their journey to revitalize their home was met with significant challenges. Among them was the issue of a cramped and outdated kitchen. This small, confined space was a major bottleneck in their daily lives, hindering their ability to cook and entertain comfortably. The style of the kitchen was frozen in time with the unmistakable style of the 90s that clashed with their modern sensibilities. Furthermore, the house suffered from a closed off layout that segmented the living spaces, disrupting the flow and connectivity that Stephanie and Jim wanted in their home. The outcome of these problems was a living space that felt more like an obstacle course than a haven of comfort and style, prompting an urgent need for a comprehensive and thoughtful overhaul.

The Solution

With a clear vision and a set of challenges to navigate, our design-build firm stepped in with excitement and expertise to reimagine Stephanie and Jim’s home. The transformation began with the decision to tear down the wall separating the kitchen and dining room, instantly creating a fluid and welcoming space that invited family and guests to come together. Central to this new space was a generously sized island, designed not just for dining but as a hub for interaction and entertainment, echoing the couple’s love for hosting. We introduced a built-in coffee bar and a butler’s pantry, thoughtfully designed to enhance their morning routines and streamline their storage needs. 

We relocated the laundry room to the lower level. This move unlocked valuable space upstairs, enabling us to provide them with ample storage and a dedicated area for folding and organizing. The renovation breathed new life into the home with a palette of crisp white and deep navy cabinets, complemented by the elegance of quartz countertops and a stylish tile backsplash. The transformation also extended to the staircase, which received a modern update with new railings and treads, seamlessly integrating with renovation.

The Key Features 

The comparison 

The Materials

In realizing Stephanie and Jim’s dream, the selection of materials was very important. We opted for Designer’s Choice Cabinetry, renowned for its stylish design and enduring quality, ensuring that the visual appeal would stand the test of time. The countertops were crafted from quartz, chosen for its beauty and resilience, adding a touch of sophistication to the kitchen. To maintain continuity with the existing décor, we carefully integrated the original flooring by supplementing it with additional pieces, ensuring a flawless finish. The choice of tile in a subtle grey offered a modern twist that complemented the overall design, while the addition of playful and vibrant wallpaper infused the space with character and charm. Completing the transformation were state-of-the-art appliances, which blended seamlessly into the design, offering functionality without compromising on style. This project highlighted the power of thoughtful design and quality materials, transforming not just a physical space.

  • Cabinetry: Designers Choice Cabinetry
  • Countertops: Quartz in Calcutta Gold
  • Tile: Bedrosians Cloe 2.5×8 tile in the color grey
  • Wallpaper: Selections from Momentum Textiles
  • Appliances: Sourced from Bekins

The Rendering

The Designer’s Magic

Leah, a creative designer from Delight in Designs, was introduced to Stephanie and Jim through a contractor they had initially hired. With ambitious plans for their home, the couple knew they needed a strong design vision to guide the project. The contractor could handle the construction, but the soul of the renovation—its design—was yet to be defined. She met with them, listened to their ideas, talked about budget and materials. Leah then came up with a fantastic design that was exactly what Stephanie and Jim were looking for.

Excited to start, they got the green light, but after the first contractor took down the walls and then vanished, Stephanie and Jim were stuck. Seeing their stress, Leah and the team at Delight in Designs decided to do more than just design; they took over the whole project in August. This meant fixing some of the mess left behind but, most importantly, making sure Stephanie and Jim’s home turned out just right.

Leah worked closely with the couple throughout the process. She made sure everything from the choice of tiles to the color of the walls was what they wanted. Even when they had to redo some work, Leah kept things moving smoothly and kept Stephanie and Jim in the loop.

In the end, Stephanie and Jim’s house was transformed into the dream home they always wanted. Stephanie and Jim are thrilled with their new space, showing what can happen when a great designer and a committed team take on a project with heart.

The Village

It stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of an entire team behind the scenes. This remodel project, spearheaded by our company, exemplifies the seamless orchestration of various roles essential to its success. From the inspiring design crafted by the designer and the meticulous planning overseen by the project manager, to the skilled craftsmanship of our contracting crew, every individual played a crucial part. 

The mechanical sub-contractors ensured precision in every system, while the company owners provided guidance and support. Behind the scenes, the bookkeeper accurately managed finances, the marketing strategist amplified the project’s visibility, and the design assistants lent their creative touch. Each member of this collective effort contributed indispensably to the realization of “The Village,” demonstrating that such ambitious endeavors thrive on the combined efforts of a dedicated team.

The Portfolio

Professional Photography by: Troy VanLangen-Above the Horizon Media

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