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Looking for amazing and functional mudroom design features?

A mudroom is a space of a house where we shed the accouterments of rain, snow, and mud before entering the interior of a house. It is somewhere the occupants can shrug off their muddy footwear, hats, coats, umbrellas, and bags.

Here you go with the must-haves of a mudroom design to design a soothing one!

Mud room lockers


Include Multiple Storage Options

A mudroom becomes functional when you incorporate plenty of storage options in it. This is the landing area of a house where everyone leaves their belongings to pick them up the next day. Therefore, a mudroom must include ample storage options. You can include drawers, cabinets, and wicker baskets to boost storage within your mudroom to add more functionality to it. Hooks provide a good storage option for hanging coats, scarfs, umbrellas, belts, and much more. A spot to keep your most commonly used outerwear so it’s ready when you walk out the door.

Arrange a Seating Area

A mudroom must have a seating area where one can sit back and remove her shoes, and other belongings. This seating area or benches can be as simple as possible as it is going to be used roughly throughout the day. You can add colorful cushions to your seating space to add flavor to it.

Mud room hooks

Install a Key Stand

A mudroom must also include a key stand where everyone may hang their keys—every time they enter the house. You don’t need to look for your keys every day when you install a key stand in the mudroom. We’ve seen neat ones that are magnetic or attach in an interesting way.

Storage for Pet Supplies

You can design a space to store pet supplies. It is somewhere most accessible by everyone throughout the day. Here you can keep the pets’ food, towels, toys, straps, and more. It’s a great spot for a big sink or wash station that you can bring your pet directly to when coming in from outside. This avoids messes where you don’t want them.

Shoe Rack


Include Shoe Racks

A shoe rack or shoe storage is inevitable in a mudroom. You must include shoe racks to store those muddy or snow-wet shoes to avoid messing up the entire house. We advise putting washable mats underneath the shoe racks to catch anything that drips or falls from your shoes.


Mud room and Laundry room


Laundry & Décor

You can add décor to the mudroom walls to add life to it. Try board and batten, wallpaper, or fancy hooks to make it more interesting. You can also include a washer & dryer with wicker laundry baskets in a mudroom. Add some floating shelves and you can elevate your detergents and cleaners by getting gorgeous containers to put them in. These are simple things to make your mudroom visibly pleasing.



Mud Room Rug

Add a Floor Mat

A mudroom must include a floor mat as it receives muddy feet. The floor mat may soak some of the dirt to keep the area clean. It also makes the floor slip-resistant and adds to the functionality of a mudroom. It will also make the room look great if you choose a stylish one. This can make the mudroom pop.



A A mudroom must have all these essentials to address the needs of a family. It must include storage options for coats, hats, umbrellas, keys, and all the items required in daily life. A mudroom with all these supplies can make a house more functional and responsive to the needs of the occupants.  


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