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Meet Our Lead Designer and Owner Jessica Crosby


I thought I would take a moment to write about each of the team members at Delight In Designs, I have a bit of a shy team, so I thought I would start out with yours truly, me!  From time to time, I will write about Kathy, Cate, Jennifer, Monica and Kim allowing you to come to know us better and why we love our time here at Delight In Designs!

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Growing up in Niles Michigan, a small-town in south west Michigan. I am proud to have come from such a quaint town to this day still celebrates apples with their annual apple festival and is home to Aaron Montgomery Ward – founder of the FIRST mail order house; Montgomery Wards.  My education in Niles took me to Grand Valley College (not yet a university) in Allendale MI. I’ve lived in the West Michigan Area ever since, having three children, Sarah, Lance and Aden!  They are all adults now; Lance is Married to Monica (whom you’ll read about another time!) and I can say that I love being the mom to adult children!  I love seeing them in their adventures, taking risk, overcoming challenges and growing every day!

Jessica And Family

While raising Sarah, Lance and Aden I worked on my career, I started at AT&T in a sales support role and moved into sales, and then into Sales Management – I spent several years at Comcast launching their Business Services team and then moving to Charter Communications as their Leadership Development Coach for the Great Lakes Region.  Wait – What????  This has NOTHING to do with Delight In Designs!!!

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I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up my battle with Cancer, in 2015 I heard words from a Doctor that still ring in my head “I am 95% sure you have breast cancer” he said – he was right.  My children, my family and my friends rallied around me and we fought the cancer and beat it to a pulp – I am now cancer free; but cancer and the battle that goes with it, changes you, your perspective and your path in life.  HERE is where Delight In Designs was really born!  Went back to school, coupled with deep, supportive conversations with my husband Jamie and my 25 years with telecommunications has been put to work for Delight In Designs! 

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I am doing what I love; working with Monica to build a business that helps homeowners achieve their space that tells their story.  I love getting to know people, how they live, what is important to them and their home, it is where they celebrate Christmas, birthdays, the growing of their family, their empty nest, chapter by chapter building a home that superbly suits you, stylizing home décor is our mantra, it is my dream come true. 

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