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Love is in the air! Ways to to add love and romance in your home this Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re a Valentine’s Day enthusiast, Delight In Designs can help you infuse your home decor with love and romance. Some sultry red candles, a few artfully placed valentines, and a remodel dedicated to your significant other’s favorite hobby will help you get into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Candles, Hearts, and Valentines

A very simple way to add a little romance to your home is to add a few Valentine’s Day decorations. Consider adding a few red, pink, or white candles to your front room, kitchen, or bathroom. You can find paintings or drawings of hearts that match the exact shade of the candles that you have selected. A heart decorated with glitter or adorned with a sweet quote about love is the perfect way to create a warm mood. Decorating your home with valentines from past years is a wonderful way to share the love in your life with others. Consider framing your very favorite valentines so that you can easily display them on a wall and preserve them for generations to come. Arrange your framed valentines next to pictures of your loved ones to celebrate the abundant love in your life. You can create a special photo display of you and your significant other surrounded by pictures of hearts and framed valentines.

a couple of white candles sitting on top of a table.

A Remodel From the Heart

If you have been searching for a way to express your eternal love to your significant other, consider a remodel that is devoted to something that they love. If your significant other is very handy and loves tools, consider setting aside some space in your home to build him a workshop. If your honey loves to cook, consider a kitchen upgrade. If your sweetie is an artist, consider creating a studio for her. If a massive remodel is too much, find a way to artfully arrange your significant others tools, and add a new tool to the mix. Plant a garden that features some of your husband’s favorite vegetables so that he can use them as ingredients when he whips up a new dish. Make your wife a new container for her paintbrushes, or buy a new more comfortable chair so that they can enjoy the hours that they spend painting even more.

a kitchen and living room with a brick wall.

There are so many ways to celebrate and express your love for the people you care about most. Home decor that reflects love and romance is a wonderful way to add warmth and joy to your home. A remodel or subtle redecorating spree dedicated to your significant other is a thoughtful way to say “I love you.” Delight In Designs will be happy to help you transform the love that you feel in your heart into beautiful home decor that brings a smile to every person who sees it—especially your significant other. Schedule your discovery call or call us, 616-288-9780, to schedule your In-Home Consultation.

The season of love is almost upon us again. Remodeling or redecorating your home to celebrate love will make this Valentine’s Day the most fun and festive yet. For more information, get access to our free magazine, “How to Prepare for a Remodel.”

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