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Let's Talk About Our Buyer Jennifer


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I would be lying to y’all if I didn’t say that one of the biggest rewards of owning our little shop is that it allows me to work closer with my sister Jennifer, for those of you who don’t know her, hang on as we are about to get real close and in personal with Jennifer Jarvis!  Jennifer is a bit shy, however the wealth of knowledge, experience and grit she brings to Delight In Designs is truly appreciated!

Jennifer grew up in Niles Michigan, a quaint town where everyone knew everyone…it was a time when we could leave our home in the morning get with our favorite neighbors, Sherry, Barbie, Phillip, Vickie…just to name a few, we would play until dusk and come home to a family dinner.  Now, Jennifer showed her business sense at about age 17 when she would “negotiate” with her little sister (me) on how she wouldn’t tell my parents about…well, let’s just say my behavior – IF I would let her borrow a sweater, or do the dishes when it was her turn…that business acumen has served her well to this day! 

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Jennifer went on to Western Michigan University where she obtained her early education degree, from there attending Michigan State to earn her Masters.  Jennifer spent 32 years teaching the youngsters of South Haven Michigan; mostly kindergarten; her kind heart along with her wacky sense of humor made for one of the best teachers out there (she is an award-winning teacher!) she holds the perfect combination to nurture children and amuse parents as she invested in making her students successful. 


Another quality that Jennifer carries is her ability to give, Jennifer has adopted two children from Haiti several years ago and in-fact one of them has just had a child of her own…Jennifer and her husband Eric have taken this baby in as their own grandson, spoiling him as he should be!  Jennifer and Eric spend much of their “free” time on mission trips to Haiti to help make the impoverished a little less awful.  They also have their own son Caleb, who is engaged to be married to a wonderful young woman in August 2020 – Jennifer is thrilled to be in on the planning as that is a talent that oozes out of her, planning and creative go hand in hand with her!

Business minded, an educator who is generous with her talents and loves to plan and create…you can see why she is a great member of the Delight In Designs team! 

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