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Embarking on a journey to transform spaces and create dream homes is at the core of what we do as a design-build firm. Today, we are thrilled to share the captivating story of a kitchen remodel that not only addressed our clients’ concerns but also breathed new life into their living spaces. Colleen and Randy, a vibrant couple with a love for Michigan football and summer entertaining, approached us with a unique challenge – a kitchen dilemma that needed a creative solution from our remodeling team. With a healthy budget, we set out to redefine their home and make it a true reflection of their lifestyle.

Meet Colleen & Randy

Designer, Cate Ball, began the  journey with Colleen and Randy during the Ho Ho Home Christmas Open House at The Vander Jagt Mansion (checkout our feature about it here) and further deepened during the 2023 Remodeling & New Home Show. Enamored by her style, they envisioned an update to their kitchen – a space that welcomed family gatherings and daily conveniences. With college-age kids returning for the summers, the need for an entertainment-friendly home became apparent. The challenge lay in transforming a space that held memories but needed a fresh perspective.

The Problem

The couple faced a common issue – a bathroom adjacent to the kitchen that disrupted the harmony of cooking and dining which became the catalyst for change. They sought a solution that solved the immediate noise problem but they also had a desire for a refreshed kitchen, new floors, updated countertops, and a refresh to their sitting area that enhanced the overall aesthetics of their home.

The Solution

Our creative vision led us to an ingenious solution. By converting the kitchen-adjacent bathroom into a stunning pantry with exquisite cabinetry, we not only addressed the issue but turned it into a showcase. Opening up the wall and raising the entry to the ceiling created an airy, visually striking space. Upon entry we were able to provide a more open and useful pantry leading into the old adjacent laundry room. We seamlessly transformed it into a new powder room, ensuring convenience and overall privacy without sacrificing elegance.  To accommodate the laundry’s relocation, an addition into the garage was crafted, creating a walk-in space and a separate laundry area – a seamless extension that felt like it had always belonged.

The Key Features 

The comparison 

The Materials

Their kitchen received a glamorous makeover with Showplace Cabinets, quartz countertops, Luxury Vinyl Tile for practicality, and a Bedrosian Cloe cream backsplash that added a touch of sophistication. The choice of Benjamin Moore’s White Dove and Revere Pewter contributed to a brighter and more spacious ambiance. The addition of a new stainless hood brought a gourmet feel to the heart of their home, while the replacement of the old mantle provided a contemporary touch.

  • Showplace Cabinets in Montana finish for the island and pantry
  • Quartz countertops
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile for wet feet
  • Bedrosian Cloe cream backsplash
  • Benjamin Moore White Dove and Revere Pewter for paint
  • New Stainless Hood for a gourmet feel

The Rendering

The Designer’s Magic

Cate Ball is the brilliant designer behind this project. Following the initial encounter at the Holiday Ho Ho Home, Cate conducted an in-home consultation with Colleen and Randy, learning about the desires for their space.

With a keen ear and a discerning eye, she processed this wealth of information to craft a design that not only addressed their concerns but also harmonized with their lifestyle.

The next chapter unfolded at our showroom, where Cate invited the couple to delve into the more technical aspects of the project. Budget considerations, timelines, materials – every detail was discussed to ensure a seamless and transparent process. Cate unveiled the envisioned spaces through detailed 3D renderings and tangible material samples, allowing the couple to touch and feel their future home.

As the project transitioned from concept to construction, Cate’s designs became the blueprint for our skilled, on staff contractors. The end result: an awe-inspiring, functional space that surpassed Colleen and Randy’s expectations.

Kitchen Remodel Kitchen Harmony Cate Ball posing on island

The Village

It stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of an entire team behind the scenes. This remodel project, spearheaded by our company, exemplifies the seamless orchestration of various roles essential to its success. From the inspiring design crafted by the designer and the meticulous planning overseen by the project manager, to the skilled craftsmanship of the contracting crew, every individual played a crucial part. 

The mechanical sub-contractors ensured precision in every system, while the company owners provided guidance and support. Behind the scenes, the bookkeeper accurately managed finances, the marketing strategist amplified the project’s visibility, and the design assistants lent their creative touch. Each member of this collective effort contributed indispensably to the realization of “The Village,” demonstrating that such ambitious endeavors thrive on the combined efforts of a dedicated team.

The Portfolio

Professional Photography by: Troy VanLangen-Above the Horizon Media

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