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Love to add colors to your home and searching for the best possible ways for it? Cheers—you are at the right spot!

We all love to surround ourselves with exciting tints and tones and that is something we do in the form of interior designing of our homes. You will be surprised to know what the color theory says. It states that the colors that we choose to surround us have the potential to influence our moods. This is the same reason why the entertainment points add fast colors to their interior. Imagine entering a fast-food chain with a splash of pop-up colors—royal blue, yellow, orange, or red and the fun element you notice in that interior? And how about experiencing the soothing atmosphere of a hotel guest room with that warm color scheme making you fall asleep easily? 

You can also decide the way you want the interior design of your home to impact your moods. All you need to do is to pick the colors accordingly. Here you go with some of the easiest ways to surround yourself with the most appealing colors! Let’s check out!

Entryway color

Add a Touch of Nature with Lush Greens!

You can include greens in your home to make you feel close to nature. It adds freshness to an interior design and leaves a positive impact on your mood.

“It’s conjectured that we have such a positive response to green because eons ago, when we were around lots of green plants, it meant that life was generally good.” -Sally Augustin, PhD, environmental psychologist 

You can either add indoor plants, green wall décor, green curtains, bedding, or simply add a green light effect. If taking the green to the walls, take in account the natural light before selecting your green color. If the lighting is limited have your green be a few shades lighter, it will appear darker in this light. Try using Breezeway from Behr  for a lighter look and have fun with Guacamole from Glidden for a bolder look.

living room green wall

Let sophistication surround your interior design with off-whites!

The white color adds elegance to any space and when it comes to beautifying the interior design of a house—white is inevitable! White colors offer a wide choice of décor to the home décor devotees. I can be done with any home décor style without a second thought. It rather makes it easier for the designers to make a space more appealing.

You can include off-whites in your bedroom with a warm temperature of lighting to create a peaceful environment that is necessary for a good night’s sleep. You can either use white color on the walls in the form of paint or keep the walls colored while using off-whites in furniture, fixtures, and home décor accessories. A home with white walls and colored furniture and fixtures looks aesthetically appealing. You can also add lush green indoor plants to your home with white walls to boost the level of classiness within the interior design of your home.

Living room fireplace off-white wall paint

Add A Soothing Touch with Grays!

Gray color creates a calming effect to an interior design. You can add gray color to your home in many soothing ways. You can pick any tint and tones of gray to create a color palette in combination with other colors. Or you can either keep the color theme monotonous by sticking to grays and using multiple shades of gray in the décor. Gray color has the potential to create a lavish interior design. The only thing that matters is the way you design it!

Living room gray color paint

Just try these amazing tips on how to add color to the home and you will fall in love with your home. Remember! It matters the most how you design the color palette and you are good to go!



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