Home Decor on the Cheap; 5 Tips for Stylish Home Interiors


Homes with elegant stylish interiors look like they cost a fortune to achieve, but surprise, surprise! You can easily achieve home interiors that look elegant and stylish without breaking the bank. All you need is a bit of imagination and an eye for what makes spaces look visually appealing.

Looking to give your home interiors the makeover they deserve without burning a hole through your wallet? Start with these 5 tips.

Home Decor on the Cheap: 5 Tips for Elegant, Tasteful Interiors Without Breaking the Bank


The basic rule of decorating on the cheap is to avoid unnecessary spending. Chances are, you already have all you need to give your space a facelift. Polish an old mirror to restore shine, move furniture around and bring plants in from the outside. Cut out interesting mages from magazines, frame, and hang on the walls for instant wall art. Swap dirty throw pillowcases for clean ones. All these are straightforward and cost zero dollars to do.


Clutter can make any room look cheap and dated. As much as possible, remove all clutter by throwing out things you don’t need and organizing the items that need to stay. Store extra items in the closet or use transparent storage boxes that you can roll under the bed or furniture to keep them hidden. Tables, countertops, and furniture surfaces should be free of trinkets or knickknacks that give your space a kitschy, tacky vibe. If you must add decor, opt for one or two pieces that really mean a lot to you, such as items from your travels or heirlooms that serve as great talking pieces for when guests come over. Again, limit the number to two or three to avoid visual clutter.

Stylish Storage


If you must spend anything while giving your room a cheap makeover, spend on storage. Woven baskets, matching storage trays, and even plastic containers can serve as stylish storage options that you can spread around the house. Lately, natural woven storage boxes made of bamboo and wicker are becoming so popular among homeowners who want a light and airy coastal aesthetic. These storage options look good and they can be used to store anything from kids’ toys to magazines and throw pillows. So, stock up on storage options that can serve as interesting room accents while being functional at the same time.


White walls give life to any room. White walls are also cheap to achieve and extremely easy to do on your own. The best part about white walls is that they can serve as the perfect blank canvases for any kind of aesthetic you have in mind. White walls offer the perfect backdrop for vibrant bursts of color and they look elegant and classy while bringing in tons of light. If you are working with a small room that gets limited lighting, white allows you to bounce more light in so you can get as much natural lighting as possible. We use Sherwin-Williams White which comes in a variety of shades, most of which are Pottery Barn picks so you really can’t go wrong whichever shade you use.

White Home Interior


An area rug is an inexpensive piece that can give any room an instant facelift. Area rugs help define a room and tie pieces of furniture together. Select a rug in neutral or earth colors that can go with any color of the furniture in the room.

Interior Design

These are just 5 tips that you can start with, but there is so much more that you can do to create the space you want. As the winner of “Best In the West” by Revue Magazine, and “best home decor shop” in Grand Rapids MI by Grand Rapids Magazine, we can help you create ideal spaces with fresh, creative ideas that incorporate your personal tastes and style, including heirlooms and memorabilia that mean the most to you.

You can still achieve an elegant and visually appealing interior home design while staying within budget. Inexpensive home decor doesn’t have to break the bank. Learn more about our Interior Design services and how we can help bring style and elegance into your home with inexpensive and practical design techniques.

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