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Five Tips to Ensure Your Next Home Project Goes Smoothly


Renovation and Remodeling Can Be Fun! Wait, what?  FUN you say?  Absolutely, arm yourself with these five tips to ensure your next home project goes smoothly.  

a kitchen is being remodeled with new cabinets.


The idea of remodeling your kitchen or even just changing out a paint color can be overwhelming, after all, there are literally over 3000 shades of ….WHITE. Hiring the right designer that takes the time to really get to know you, your family, how you “live” in the space and what elements of décor can showcase your space to show off your personality so that your home welcomes you HOME is vital.  Interview your designer, do not be afraid to ask for references. As you interview your designer ask how they handle a project that goes bad, if they tell you they’ve never had a bad project RUN, the answer lies in how they worked with their clients through the difficult times is informing you on what to expect – the drama on HGTV where they find black mold under the shower floor is REAL, how the designer deals with this, is a true test! We have a great team of designers that are skilled with remodels, that love a good challenge.

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While we’re talking HGTV, those shows are fantastic for ideas and inspiration, they are not so fantastic when it seems they knock out an entire home renovation in 21 days. A good designer will walk you through a realistic time line, what is expected, what snags might get in the way. Your job as a homeowner is to be patient, add a week (or two depending on size of project) on timeline given so you can plan accordingly. COVID-19 is adding even more time to projects, we currently have a client waiting 16 weeks for her sofa to arrive. Do the designer a favor and be patient – do yourself a favor at the same time stay calm and keep on!

Kitchen Remodeling


I cannot stress this tip enough; know approximately what you want to spend. Take time to research, even if it means heading to the big box stores or spending sometime online researching your style and cost involved to achieve the look you want, there are many ideas on Pinterest, or looking through HOUZZ and then research those ideas in terms of costs. A good rule of thumb for a kitchen remodel is 15% of total home value so for a $300,000.00 home that is a budget of $45,000.00. A good designer will walk through budget with you, but you will want to have a good foundation for what you want to spend on your project. I also recommend keeping some funds for contingency, remember that black mold I talked about earlier? Set aside 2% of your projected allowances for the unexpected.

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In other words, do it right the first time, you need the plumbing, electrical, HVAC and foundation all to serve you well, mistakes in any of these areas can be costly. Designers can actually help to SAVE you time and money here as they have done the leg work for you; they’ve surrounded themselves with the best talent out there they’ve vetted through contractors, plumbers et al and will guide you to choose the right professionals. Designers also can help save time and money by avoiding wrong color choices or stopping you from buying items that do not mesh with the style your trying to achieve. 
a bunch of tools that are laying on a table.


Finally, the last tip is to keep your sense of humor. Yes, things often do not go as planned, and it is a super stressful process, especially when budget and timeline get squeezed. But you need to find a healthy way to let off steam. You’ve got to be able to laugh off the little things and, if the going gets really tough, try to visualize the end result.
Remodeling Couple

These five tips will assist you in executing your vision; as in anything in life, communication is key, talk with your designer make sure you have a thorough understanding of each other so that together you can achieve your beautiful, tranquil space you call home! I highly recommend checking out our Design Studio located on Northland Dr, in Grand Rapids, MI and get access to our free magazine, “How to Prepare for a Remodel.”

Kitchen Remodel

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  1. It’s great that you talked about kitchen renovations and how to create a budget for yours. Last week, my aunt said she wants to renovate her house before selling it, and I’m positive she’d need the right team for the job, so I’ll be sure to share your remodel insight with my aunt. Thanks for the information on how a designer could help you polish your budget.

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