Decorating A Baby's Room You Can Also Enjoy


You might be surprised to learn that Delight In Designs has Baby things, we offer baby clothes, baby blankets, baby books and you guessed it, baby décor for the nursery!

Baby Decor

A new addition to the family is such a happy celebration, we at Delight In Designs just added FOUR new grand children to our team with more on the way!!!  We knew when we started our design services that some of our favorite spaces to design would be the nursery, this is an area where we can bring back some childhood memories and just celebrate…LIFE!  When thinking about your nursery you’ll want to consider things that you love, the color palate and we always encourage reading! 

Closeup Baby

Let’s talk about themes, yes you can pick the latest on trend cartoon character yet, how about taking things you love and “baby” them up a bit…here’s what I mean, you like mountain climbing?  Why not take a focal wall and paint some mountains on it?  Use climbing rope to tie back the window treatment…you like photography?  How about blowing up a BIG black and white photo of family to place above the crib you’re your creative images throughout the room?  There will be plenty of time, when as your child grows to show off teenage mutant turtles! 

a wall with a bunch of pictures on it.

As for color, again, I say focus on what YOU like, there has been all sorts of contradictory research that shows, primary colors are best, no it’s pastels, wait it is black and white…so, we at Delight In Designs recommend, going with what you like!  Be mindful of late-night feedings, are you okay with a bright Mickey Mouse red, or would you rather be greeted by a blush pink/gray room?  There is no right or wrong answer here, good news is, YOU get to choose!


You’re never too young for books. Reading to babies as young as six months of age leads to stronger vocabularies and better early literacy skills four years later, just as the children are getting ready to go to school.  A nursery is not complete without books, you can be creative with your display, we don’t always have to put books into a bookcase, how about a stack neatly displayed on the dresser, or back to the mountain climber…how about binding a book with carabiners (makes for easy page turning when the time comes!)

Dinosaur Decor

When all is said and done, the magic is in the new baby, whom will be welcomed with love and kisses, adding a nursery that triggers things that you already love will add to the experience!  Choosing a color that is exciting or relaxing is your choice and giving the gift of a good story to your child will never be returned!

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