Decorate Your Home with Red


Red…red is a color when used correctly in interior design, can really get the heart going!  In celebration of Valentines Day, we wanted to take a bold approach to this color and have a few suggestions that are either simple to pull in and pull out as your taste change, some that are a little bit more of a commitment to the color red, and some that are permanent; yet make a subtle, welcome to your home.

a single red rose with green leaves on a white background.

Some of the simplest ways to change the look of your home are the common ones, that I am sure most of you have tried…change your throw pillows, maybe throw in a kitchen towel with a splash of red, or add some red floral to a vase, let’s take these simple ideas and kick it up a notch; same simplicity, yet a bit more creative, instead of throw pillows, how about using the same throw pillow and getting a throw pillow sleeve? Just a small band of fabric in your favorite color wrapped around your pillows can change the look of an entire sofa very quickly!  Towels are a great way to show color, but let’s get more adventurous and get some red tassels to tie around white or black towels, or red/white polka dot ribbon tied in a bow around some white bath towels…voila! Instant cuteness!  Maybe some floral in a vase is the answer, but how can we kick this up a notch…how about red cinnamon hearts at the bottom of the vase to hold those flowers in place? Shhhh, I also love the Brach Conversation Heart candy for this as well, but not as “red” of look! 

a dining room with red walls and a wooden table.

Wanting to make more of a commitment to red?  We just love the red/white dishes by department 222 that speak with vibrancy. Red infuses a room with liveliness; entertaining with these dishes is sure to make for a party your guest will remember.  Your artwork is also a way to keep red in the picture (no pun intended!) we love this artwork found at Delight In Designs by Leftbank Art, wouldn’t this be gorgeous in your bathroom, your dining or even going up the stairway.

Flower Art Decor

If you are all-in on this color, then we have some ideas for you!  Sherwin Williams “radish” color is RED, yet it has a dark enough hue that we suggest it for many ideas, we love this color on the exterior of your home, either the front door, or a cute little bench on your porch, if you’re really loving it, pull it inside and paint that island in your kitchen radish red!  Another idea we fall to often is to wallpaper the inside of your china cabinet, who wouldn’t love a red floral paper as a backdrop to their favorite collection of family treasures?

Red Color Scheme

So while some of you may just want to flirt with red, or some may have a full fledge affair, there are all types of ideas, pillows, dishes or your entire kitchen island that can add a splash of color that speaks to your passion and your zest for life!

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