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Christmas Decor Tips from The DID Designers


Jessica-Owner of Delight in Designs

Jessica wants you to use RIBBON! It is a CHEAP and a great way to add holiday flair to any room! Of course on garland and the tree, BUT other areas too!⁠ You can tie a ribbon around some Christmas books and add them to a side table. Try adding them to your pillows on your couch or arm chairs to add a cute festive look and add Christmas flair to your guest bathroom by tying ribbon to your hand towels.

Christmas Decor Tips by Jessica Crosby Delight in Designs Grand Rapids Interior Design

Leah-DID Interior Designer

Leah wants you to stick to a color combination! This holiday season she is decorating mostly with black and white in her home but adding in pops of green and red through candles, ornaments, pillows, and throw blankets. You can do this with any color combo. Stick to two or three main colors and add some pop to make them stand out.

Christmas Decor Tips by Leah Velzen Delight in Designs Grand Rapids Interior Design

Cate-DID Interior Designer

Cate wants you to use Christmas lights to create a soft ambiance and natural elements.⁠ There are many ways you can incorporate Christmas lights besides your tree. Add it to your garland, wreaths, or lanterns. Maybe try to think outside of the box and add it to your table decor, along the tops of your kitchen cabinets, or inside your glass doored furniture. You can buy beautiful lights that run off a battery which allows you to add lights almost anywhere.

a woman sitting on a couch next to a christmas tree.

Oliver-DID Interior Designer

Oliver wants you to always hang your large ornaments first with a nice spaced-out proportion and fill in the rest with your medium and small ones. That way when you are nearing the end of your ornaments you don’t have to worry about the balance of scale or trying to cram a large one where it doesn’t fit! ⁠

Christmas Decor Tips by Oliver McCarthy Delight in Designs Grand Rapids Interior Design


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