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Area rugs are best at taking the décor of an interior to the next level but a wrong-sized rug also has the potential to ruin it all. But before you learn to determine the right size of the rug, you need to be certain about the place where you want to add this rug. Whether you want to add it to a living room, dining room, bedroom, or kitchen. Since the “right” size of a rug varies for every room.

Here you go with some PRO tips to pick the right rug size for your space. Let’s find out!

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Tip#1: Consider the size of the furniture

The size of furniture can also lead you in determining the size of a rug. Such as including 2/3rd of the rug under the bed, you must consider the size of the bed first. You may choose an 8×10 rug for a queen bed and a 9×12 for a king bed for a symmetrical finish. A bedroom rug must extend almost 12 inches beyond the rug on all its three sides except the headboard. Similarly, if you are choosing a rug size for your dining space then make sure the rug must extend enough to the room the dining chairs. A 24 to 30 inches extended rug may also room the pulled-out dining chairs.

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Tip#2: The Bigger the Better

We all know that an area rug adds luxury to any interior design with its warmth and character. The size of a room matters a lot while picking a rug for it. You can choose the largest area rug for a wide living room to enjoy the real charm that a rug may offer. If you love to include a rug in your wide bedroom, then you may pick the one that covers the 2/3rd area of your bed for a classy appearance. However, if you are picking a rug size for a small bedroom then make sure that the rug must cover only 1/3rd of your bed’s base. You can also let a rug cover the entire bed while leaving the walkways empty. Or if you want to include rugs only to the sides of your bed then you may go for narrow runners for both the walkways and this is going to amaze you the most.

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Tip#3: Size matters while layering!

The layering of rugs and carpets makes the flooring more exciting if you are smart enough to pick a small size of rugs for the very cause. Layering rugs look best when they are different in size. One rug must be large and more dominant while the others must be smaller in size to act as accents. A small rug topping other layers must be attractive enough to occupy the space.

a bedroom with a bed and a rug on the floor.

Final Thoughts

It was never easy choosing the right size of an area rug. You may invest much in a rug and it might never add a designer pull to the interior design of your house. So just follow these simple and easy tips to help you choose the right size of rugs like a PRO!

If you need further help and would like one of our experts to guide you on size and find the perfect rug for you, please contact us at 616-288-9780. We have the best designers to help you and access to the most beautiful rugs. Visit our storefront/showroom at 5426 Northland Dr. Grand Rapids, MI 49525 to view our samples.

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