Boo-ti-fy your home!


Halloween 2019 is sure to be cold, sure to be colorful and sure to be a time for some tricks of our own when it comes to decor!  Be sure to check out some of our favorite fall spots like Robinette’s for their Cider, Honey Creek Inn for their new fall menu and of course Delight In Designs for a full array of home decor advice for the season!

Halloween Decor

We would be remiss if we didn’t highlight our Ghost Post, these have been very popular as I see them throughout Rockford and Ada and sold out at our event in Hudsonville!  Eric Jarvis is one of our local artisans, who cuts out the ghost, partners up with his wife Jenn, as she uses Sherwin Williams – pure white paint to add that ghostly flair! 

a brown leather chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor.

A quick trick to treat your home is with some colorful pillows, we just love to have fun with pillows that have a spooky scene, yet playful and fun at the same time!  Picture it your home with black white buffalo check or if you are more modern, it would look sleek paired with black leather Shankill Chair found at Wayfair for a mere $225.99.

Holiday Decor

Lastly and by far our favorite is our beautiful array of glass pumpkins found at Delight In Designs, this is a time tested classic that can pour over from Halloween to Thanksgiving, you could place these on a fun tray centered on your sofa table with individually wrapped candies from Sweetland’s, then transition to a beautiful tablescape with runners, napkins etc. from Delight In Designs

Be safe, dress warm and have a Happy Halloween!

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