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Project Breakdown: Clients Left Hanging

Stephanie and Jim’s home renovation dreams hit a snag when their contractor vanished, leaving their plans for a spacious, modern living area in limbo. Their small, outdated kitchen and the disconnected layout of their home stifled their lifestyle. Stepping in, our design-build firm embraced the challenge, transforming their space by demolishing walls to create a cohesive kitchen and dining area, complete with a central island, a built-in coffee bar, and a relocated laundry room for added functionality. The renovation introduced a fresh aesthetic of crisp white and navy cabinets, elegant quartz countertops, and a stylish backsplash, truly revitalizing their home and turning it into a haven of style and comfort.

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Project Breakdown: A House Turned Home

Undertaking a range of renovations, including revamping two bathrooms, upgrading the kitchen, and refreshing the fireplace, the project was a big task. They chose to temporarily relocate during the process, trusting us to bring their vision to life, and the results exceeded their expectations. This couple, driven by a love for life’s simple pleasures, aimed to create a space that not only looked great but also matched their personalities and needs. Their kitchen was outdated with limited storage, and their bathroom needed a facelift. Despite a well-proportioned fireplace, its worn appearance needed attention. Moreover, the dimly lit powder room with outdated fixtures awaited a transformation. With enthusiasm, they saw this as their final renovation, aiming for exceptional results.

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Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Harmony-Project Breakdown

Embark on a journey with us as we delve into the captivating story of Colleen and Randy’s kitchen remodel, a project that seamlessly blended functionality with elegance. Facing a common issue of a disruptive bathroom adjacent to their kitchen, we embarked on a mission to reimagine their space and create a kitchen that not only met their needs but also reflected their vibrant lifestyle.

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Grand living room with a white shiplap fireplace with a natural wood mantle New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions: Home Revamp

Revamp your home in 2024 with a stylish kitchen, serene bathroom, and sophisticated living spaces. Elevate your guest areas with chic decor and turn guest rooms into luxury retreats. Pay attention to often overlooked spaces, transforming them into showcases for creativity. Make every corner of your home fabulous, as your living spaces become a reflection of your dazzling personality. Cheers to a year of home transformation and happy decorating!

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Ho Ho Home Grand Rapids Michigan Delight in Designs

Ho Ho Home Who Wouldn’t Go

Embark on a magical journey through The Vander Jagt, where Delight in Designs and local wizards transformed every corner for a charitable cause. Over 200 guests explored rooms turned into festive wonders, featuring a plush pink velvet couch, a grand piano, and Santa-themed decor. Stay tuned for a virtual tour through each enchanting holiday-themed room, making Vander Jagt the epicenter of festive joy. Thanks to Delight in Designs and local accomplices, it’s a holiday dreamscape come to life!

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holiday home

Deck The Halls With Delight: Your Guide To A Holiday Home

Embark on a holiday home makeover with our festive blog, offering design tips and easy DIY projects for a winter wonderland. Picture glossy red doors, wreath-making soirées, and twinkling lights. Swap everyday pillows for holiday-themed ones, creating a sofa sanctuary. Transform your fireplace into a magical mantel and create cozy corner nooks with plaid blankets and hot cocoa stations. Bonus tip: Upgrade your entryway for a practical yet stylish welcome. Embrace the chaos, let creativity shine, and make your home sparkle this season!

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Space Magic: 10 Creative Ways to Maximize Your Small Apartment

Space Magic: Creative Ways to Maximize Your Small Apartment

Are you living in a small apartment and feeling like you’re constantly running out of space? Don’t fret! In our latest blog post, we’ve got you covered with 10 creative and ingenious ways to maximize your space and turn your compact living area into a stylish and functional oasis.
Discover how multi-functional furniture, floating shelves, and clever storage solutions can help you make the most out of every square inch. We’ll also show you the magic of mirrors, the beauty of open shelving in the kitchen, and how to utilize that valuable under-bed space.
And that’s not all! Learn about the benefits of pocket doors, the elegance of minimalist decor, and the power of custom storage solutions tailored to your unique needs. Plus, we’ve got a bonus tip that will transform your small apartment into a place you’ll love to call home.
So, if you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your small apartment and create a space that’s both chic and functional, dive into our blog post for all the inspiration and tips you need. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more spacious and stylish living environment!

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Living room with large windows and grand fireplace interior design

Interior Design Psychology: How Your Home Impacts Your Mood

Your home is more than just a place; it’s an extension of you. Ever wondered why certain rooms make you feel relaxed, while others energize your spirit? Dive into the captivating world of interior design, where aesthetics and psychology converge. Discover how color choices, lighting, and even textures can influence your mood. From calming blues to energizing yellows, find out how to design spaces that truly resonate with your emotions. Explore the power of personalization, minimalism, and the magic of decluttering. Your home has the potential to be your haven, affecting your well-being in ways you never imagined. Join us on this exciting journey and transform your living space into a sanctuary that speaks to your soul.

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Wood home model with calculator, pad, and pen remodeling blunders

Remodeling Blunders: Laugh & Learn

Oh, the pleasures of renovation! It’s a path filled with imagination, disorder, and occasionally pure amusement. As individuals set forth on the voyage of revamping their abodes, a handful of slip-ups are almost inevitable. Yet, worry not! Let’s delve into the realm of renovation mishaps and share a hearty laugh at some of the most delightful goofs that arise when DIY aspirations collide with the real world.

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bathroom renovation

Amazing Bathroom Renovation Upgrades That Are Worth Every Single Penny

Are you ready to transform your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary? From rainforest showerheads to heated floors, smart mirrors, bidets, and the ultimate doorless shower, these upgrades are worth every penny. Indulge in a royal shower experience, banish winter chills with cozy floors, embrace futuristic touches, elevate cleanliness with bidets, and revel in the freedom of an open shower. Upgrade your bathroom, and let the worries wash away as you step into a world of elegance and relaxation.

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Kitchen Shenanigans: Renovation Ruckus vs. Facelift Frenzy

If you’ve been fantasizing about giving your cooking space a fresh look, get ready for an enjoyable experience. Together, we’ll delve into the distinct territories of a complete kitchen renovation and a more cosmetic kitchen facelift. So, put on your aprons and let’s plunge into the wonderful world of kitchen transformations!

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Delight In Designs Interior Design Remodel Grand Rapids MI West Michigan Stylizing Spaces Blog-From Dungeon to Dream Space: The Latest Basement Renovation Trends-The Extra Kitchen

From Dungeon to Dream Space: Basement Renovation Trends

Gone are the days when basements were simply musty dungeons where we banished our unwanted junk. Nowadays, they’ve been transformed into prime real estate for those with a penchant for home improvement. The basement is a playground of untapped potential where you can unleash your inner Bob Vila.

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Delight In Designs Interior Design Remodel Grand Rapids MI West Michigan Stylizing Spaces Blog-The Pitfalls Of Following Trends_ A Look At What's Already Outdated-All Gray Interiors

The Pitfalls Of Following Trends: What’s Already Outdated

Interior design is essentially like creating a fashion statement for your home – it’s all about showing off your personal flair and making a statement. You choose the colors, textures, and finishes that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but alas, even the trendiest designs can eventually become yesterday’s news. So, let’s get ahead of the curve and check out what’s passé in the world of interior design, and avoid looking like our grandmothers’ living rooms.

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From Cramped to Spacious Renovating for More Space and Style After Kitchen

From Cramped to Spacious Renovating for More Space and Style

If you’re anything like the rest of us, your kitchen is basically the central command center of your home. It’s where you whip up your culinary masterpieces, host soirées, and do a little work. But if your kitchen is more crowded than a can of sardines and about as organized as a toddler’s toy box, it can be a downright nightmare to navigate. Fear not, for a kitchen renovation can be the breath of fresh air your culinary kingdom needs to reign supreme.

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Interior Design

How To Include Color To Your Home

We love surrounding ourselves with exciting colors through interior design. Color theory reveals that our chosen colors can influence our moods. That’s why entertainment venues use vibrant colors like royal blue, yellow, orange, or red to create a lively atmosphere. Picture entering a fast-food chain with a burst of pop-up colors and feeling the fun in the air. Similarly, hotel guest rooms employ a soothing color scheme to promote relaxation and help you fall asleep easily.

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What Our Customers Say

Each one of our clients is part of our family, and we treat them with the respect and love they deserve. Here are some of the wonderful reviews they've been kind enough to leave for us.

Delight In Designs
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Heather NoordykeHeather Noordyke
14:44 16 Jan 23
We could not be happier with our new kitchen designed by Leah Velzen @ Delight In Designs! The new layout with the island creates great flow and organization. We absolutely love the cabinetry with the 2-tone colors. The tile, lighting and brushed bronze accents give such beautiful aesthetics.Leah did a fantastic job putting special features into our cabinets as well. From the knives and spatula drawer, the spice drawer to the pull-out pantry shelving drawers. We ended up with an elegant yet functional kitchen that felt like home right away.Leah was always on top of the schedule and provided great follow-up with any questions that came along. ~ the Noordykes
Mary Jo CzarneckiMary Jo Czarnecki
02:34 14 Sep 22
Great design staff. We already had a contractor and I’m disappointed that we were not able to use the Delight in Design crew. The dining room cabinets were an addition so we didn’t go with our contractor for install. They did a great job with attention to detail. In fact they took the time to adjust things in the kitchen, tightening up hinges and leveling doors. Something they did not have to do. Would highly recommend the whole team.
Nancy WalderNancy Walder
18:17 31 May 22
Cate was great to work with. We did extensive updating to our main living/kitchen area, her expertise provided guidance with our choices throughout the project.The Delight In Design team were easy to work with, the crew were knowledgeable craftsmen and they maintained a very clean work area.We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result!
Annette MillerAnnette Miller
11:10 24 May 22
We had Delight in Designs design and install new countertops, sinks and faucets in our master bath. They arranged for countertop template, installation and plumbing hookups. We asked that the tear out of the old sinks and countertops be included in the bid, which wasn't. In the end, they made things right, because of that we can give them 5 stars on their job and professionalism.
Kara NabkeyKara Nabkey
14:20 25 Apr 22
Amazing transformation to our home! Delight in Designs was incredible to work with from day 1 to date of completion! The entire team was fantastic!We feel like we live in a new home again and highly recommend!They were professional, timely, great with communication, great attention to detail and love that they were able to handle every aspect of the project. Five stars just isn't enough to reflect how happy we are!
Tessa MisnerTessa Misner
14:47 04 Apr 22
I have shopped in this quaint adorable store for years. It allows me to not only support a small business but I'm also met with a creative team of employee's who can offer more in depth services such as design and full remodels!! Love love their team!
Douglas HelmsDouglas Helms
20:34 23 Mar 22
Clean,fresh, well cared for inventory and kind, helpful staff at all levels.
Aaron VanderWallAaron VanderWall
12:44 29 Nov 21
Jessica and her team are truly great at what they do. From the designers to the contractors doing the work, no detail is left behind! They stay on schedule (which is remarkable in its self) and do it all at a fair price. Highly recommend calling!
Tim CaywoodTim Caywood
02:40 29 Nov 21
It was a pleasure working with the team at Delight & Design on our kitchen renovation project. The designer and her entire team did a great job guiding us through this process helping with decisions and excellent communication along the way. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of our new kitchen.
Linda GogochaLinda Gogocha
16:35 25 Oct 21
Jessica was amazing to work with. She staged my home that I had for sale in Rockford. The furniture and accessories she selected were beautiful and made the house feel very classy. I highly recommend Jessica and her team. 5 stars.