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Are You Blue? Finding the Perfect Interior Design Color Scheme


One of the most exciting things about moving into a new home or renovating an old one is that you get to pick the right color for your interiors. Do you want your room to look bright and airy with cloud white walls, or do you want to create a classic and traditional feel with rich navy blue or charcoal gray interiors? Read on to know how you can pick the right color for your home interiors with these 4 tips.


Use your favorite color as the base color and create a color scheme around it. Drawn to blue? Sherwin Williams is a great first-stop for beautiful shades of blue for many interior designers. Opt for Glimmer if you want a shade of blue that brightens up a room, or Icelandic for cool blue walls. You can also use favorite objects as inspiration, like a painting, a pillow, or a favorite lampshade that comes in the color or prints that appeal to you. Use these items when picking color swatches for paint or wallpaper. You can even use these as a guide for picking out the colors for other items in the house, such as the drapes and the couch.

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Neutrals are foolproof color choices if you are strapped for time or if you just want a no-fuss color scheme that you can easily put together. Natural colors, like eggshell white, sand, or even plain white like the popular Benjamin Moore Simply White can create the bright and airy interiors you are going for and serve as the perfect canvas for your furnishings. Create bright and clean interiors with white walls adorned with splashes of color here and there for spaces that are laid-back but have lots of personality. Choose furnishings in vibrant colors and prints if you want your space to feel young and fun, or you can opt for subdued and low-key with wood and natural fibers.

a living room filled with furniture and decor.


A cheap color wheel that you can buy from any craft store can help you generate the color scheme that contains the base and accessory colors you can use as a guide for your interior. A color wheel can help you look at what colors complement each other especially if you have a favorite color in mind but you don’t know what color hues or shades work well with that color. An interior design color app like, Project Color by The Home Depot, does the same thing while allowing you to test your color choices on virtual rooms for a better idea of how the colors look when applied to any space.


Color reflects light so the quality of lighting that comes in the room affects how your color scheme will look. Experiment with how the color looks in natural and artificial light. Also look at how your color scheme meshes with the light from lamps and lighting fixtures and how it reflects the fabrics, furniture, and other surfaces of the room. Spend some time in the room during the day to see how the colors change in intensity as the day changes.

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