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A Thankful Turkey Day


President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law in 1941 that Thanksgiving would always be the fourth Thursday of the month, he did so purely to boost retail sales for the Holiday season during the Great Depression. While we are so thankful for the many things  in life, we also find this a time of celebrating family and that means, cooking, setting the perfect table, family fun games and then the late-night turkey sandwich for a day well spent! 

As you prepare for November 28, 2019; did you know that cheesy potatoes are THE most googled recipe for that State of Michigan?  Brown-berry Stuffing for Wisconsin and Cheesecake for Texas!  For my fellow Michiganders I have already googled….your cheesy potato recipe is At Delight In Designs we have many dishes that you could serve these potatoes in, and of course our artisan Eric Jarvis has made several 9 x 13 caddies in rustic barn wood to elevate those spuds on your beautiful table! 

a map of the united states with names.

Now you might have guessed that tablescaping is one of our passions at Delight In Designs; Kathy Levin, one of our home stylists is OUTSTANDING at this, so please feel free to ask her for some tips when you are in the shop!  Placing food at different levels, adding greenery, pumpkins, acorns or even some dried leaves can add interest and help to achieve that special touch!  I love the idea of using sheer fabric found at JoAnn Fabricsor Fields Fabrics with extra length as a table runner, this adds drama, and even if you can’t cook (Like me!) it tells the family you care!  LOL. 

Kitchen Decor

Putting down the technology on turkey day is always a good rule of thumb!  Let’s get back on trend watch this: on Good Morning America   board game sales have increased 21% since 2016, some popular choices are Clue, Jenga, and scrabble!  It’s a way to get family laughing, thinking and TALKING again! 

a close up of a board game on a table.

At the end of the night, when you pull out the butternut wheat bread, the miracle whip salad dressing and perfect the most fabulous turkey sandwich to watch that last football game by the fire…be thankful for all the blessings you have….and don’t forget to enjoy the pumpkin pie! 

a slice of pumpkin pie on a plate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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