Project Breakdown:
a House Turned Home


Our clients were on a mission to give their home a complete makeover, turning it from outdated and dysfunctional to a sanctuary that truly reflected their lifestyle. As their aspirations grew, so did their scope of work. With a now laundry list of renovations including two bathrooms, the kitchen, plumbing overhaul, drywall enhancements, a new side door and a fireplace revamp, the project was a big undertaking. They opted to temporarily relocate during the renovations, putting their trust in us to bring their vision to life and the results surpassed even their wildest dreams.

Meet Joyce and Rorick

A couple with a passion for life’s simple joys, our clients discovered us at the Grand Rapids New Home & Remodeling Show. Despite being newbies to the remodeling scene, they dove into the project with infectious enthusiasm. The plan was to have this be the last renovation they ever do, so it had to be remarkable. With Joyce being an avid baker and a dedicated runner and Rorick a whiskey connoisseur, they adore their two furry friends and had a soft spot for old English charm. They wanted a space that didn’t just look good but also matched their personalities and needs.

The Problem


Their kitchen was far from inspiring. Joyce and Rorick were merely living with and not loving it. Burdened with outdated appliances, cramped storage, lack of doors on the upper cabinets, and oppressive dark walls, a change was long overdue. Having a rolling dishwasher was not the best use of space and although they were so very loved, the constant pet intrusion only added to their frustration.


Their bathroom was stuck in the past, out of date, and slowly falling part. The first thing you saw when you walked in was the toilet and the shower had aged to the point of yellowing. They were getting tired of their discolored fixtures and an obstructed “window” that had a buildup of condensation and gunk. The layout left much to be desired and this bathroom faced a few challenges that needed to be addressed.


While the overall proportion and layout of the fireplace was good, the visual appearance was dark and tired. Not to mention it was not sealed properly and could not be used.

Powder Room:

The powder room was small and gloomy, lacking natural light and sporting outdated fixtures. It served its purpose, but they wanted it to match the look of the new kitchen and brighten it up.

The Solution


Joyce and Rorick were really keen on channeling the Julia Childs vibe with a modern twist in their kitchen. We reconfigured the layout, added smart storage solutions, and brand new cabinets with upper doors. We bid farewell to the rolling dishwasher and integrating it seamlessly into the cabinetry. We needed to brighten up the kitchen, so we revamped the lighting plan for a fresh, airy feel. The spot vacated by the dishwasher found a new purpose as a dedicated refrigerator space, enhancing the kitchen’s flow for their daily routines. Following discussions with Joyce and Rorick, we proposed some key features to enhance functionality, including a convenient wine fridge, a knife block nestled in a lower cabinet to free up counter space, and a mixer lift for their stunning custom copper bowl, KitchenAid mixer she purchased. The pièces de résistance, however, were a striking copper hood and sink, which not only wowed but also harmonized with the mixer. To tackle the eyesore of a baby gate, we devised a clever solution—hiding it within the wall when not in use. Our custom design seamlessly blends into the casing, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal, whether in use or not.


We tweaked the floor plan to ensure that the vanity took center stage, visible from the hallway rather than being overshadowed by the toilet. By opening up the space, we introduced a walk-in shower with a sleek glass door, allowing natural light from the window to illuminate the bathroom. To make the shower a bit bigger and more luxurious, we busted into the closet behind it to add bench seating, a space for niche, and added unique tile work to the angled ceiling.  Honoring her desire for a timeless black and white aesthetic, we revamped every aspect of the room, giving it a modern edge that will stand the test of time, transcending passing trends.


In alignment with the kitchen’s aesthetic, we bid farewell to the tile on the hearth and embraced rustic brick instead. To break free from the previous brown palette, we applied a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Additionally, we installed a gas insert, breathing new life into the fireplace and making it functional once more.

Powder Room:

While we couldn’t alter the size, we worked magic to create an illusion of space by brightening up the bathroom. A captivating feature wall celebrates the couple’s affection for their furry companions. We replaced the petite sink with a sleeker alternative, one that enhances the space’s aesthetics. Though compact, it offers ample countertop space for the charming dog-shaped soap, adding a touch of whimsy to the room.

The Key Features 

The comparison 

The Materials

Thoughtfully selected materials played a crucial role in enhancing both functionality and aesthetics in the kitchen. Showplace cabinetry, known for its timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship, elevated the space’s sophistication. Complemented by Copper Mist countertops for a lustrous appeal and hardwood flooring for warmth, the kitchen exudes inviting charm. KitchenAid appliances bring culinary refinement, while rustic brick backsplash and Signature hardware add personality. The striking copper hood and sink serve as focal points, reflecting Joyce and Rorick’s bold yet refined taste. Each element was chosen meticulously to ensure coherence and allure in the renovated space.

  • Showplace Cabinets
  • Copper Mist Countertops
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Rustic Brick backsplash
  • Signature Hardware Drawer Pulls & Knobs
  • Copper Hood and Sink
  • KitchenAid Appliances

The Rendering

The Designer’s Magic

Eager to breathe new life into their home, Joyce and Rorick approached Oliver with enthusiasm, ready to embrace change. What began as a simple remodeling endeavor soon evolved into a comprehensive overhaul, as they eagerly expanded the scope of work with each conversation.

Faced with the challenge of accommodating the couple’s evolving vision, Oliver rose to the occasion, and with each addition to the project’s scope, Oliver welcomed the opportunity to push the boundaries of design. As the parameters of the project solidified, Oliver extended an invitation to Joyce and Rorick to our Grand Rapids showroom, where he unveiled his designs. Through detailed 3D renderings and tangible material samples, Oliver provided the couple with a glimpse into their future home, fostering a sense of excitement and anticipation. From budget considerations to timelines and material selections, every aspect of the project was discussed, ensuring transparency every step of the way.

Transitioning from concept to construction, Oliver’s designs served as the guiding blueprint for our skilled team of in-house contractors. With precision and expertise, they brought his vision to life, transforming mere concepts into tangible realities. The final outcome exceeded Joyce and Rorick’s highest hopes, leaving them amazed by the breathtaking and practical spaces that now adorned their home.

Oliver McCarthy Designer

The Village

It stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of an entire team behind the scenes. This remodel project, spearheaded by our company, exemplifies the seamless orchestration of various roles essential to its success. From the inspiring design crafted by the designer and the meticulous planning overseen by the project manager, to the skilled craftsmanship of our contracting crew, every individual played a crucial part. 

The mechanical sub-contractors ensured precision in every system, while the company owners provided guidance and support. Behind the scenes, the bookkeeper accurately managed finances, the marketing strategist amplified the project’s visibility, and the design assistants lent their creative touch. Each member of this collective effort contributed indispensably to the realization of “The Village,” demonstrating that such ambitious endeavors thrive on the combined efforts of a dedicated team.

The Portfolio

Professional Photography by: Troy VanLangen-Above the Horizon Media

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