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5 Simple Tips for Inspiring Feelings of Joy and Happiness at Home


We are all well aware of the challenges that COVID-19 has brought upon our country, our state, our county and even our home. We recognize that now, more than ever, home is where we collect our feelings of peace, joy and love. Life outside our home can create feelings of chaos and stress. Designing your living space to lend itself to a tranquil retreat is a refreshing way to welcome you home. Delight In Designs is simply delighted to offer you tips and tricks that allow your space to tell your story! We are thrilled to bring you unique ideas that offer creativity, personal touches, and inspiration!

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place.

Control Through Decluttering

First things first! Clear the clutter. You will feel relief. You will feel relaxed and a sense of freedom knowing that you are now organized, and everything has its place.  Simple tips: use plastic ice cube trays to organize jewelry! How about getting those boxes of old photos, digital and storing them in the cloud? Use the back of a closet door for your wrapping paper center, using dollar store curtain rods for paper, tape, ribbon etc!

a wooden box filled with magazines on top of a grass covered field.

The Freedom of Organizing

We can talk about bins and baskets all day long and the purpose they serve. It’s like the day you finally clean out that refrigerator. No one REALLY sees it, but man does it feel good! Knowing that you won’t be spending endless amounts of time looking for the scotch tape or searching for the remote control, not only gives you freedom but gives you time and we can never have enough time! Spending that time you would have spent looking for your sunglasses, giving extra attention to your puppy or your spouse, is how life should be!

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Good Habits in Design

Every tiny bit helps! I’m going to take this blog even further and talk about how design can actually help in creating healthy habits. Instead of storing that fruit in the fridge (fruit is always better at room temperature anyway) pull it out and center it on your kitchen island. Red apples, yellow bananas and orange tangerines are nature’s invitation to snack and add color to your kitchen. Make that dining area a tech free zone. Be sure those electrical outlets are covered, so no source of power is available. Yep, it’s just you, your family, dinner, and CONVERSATION! Want to go the extra mile (yes, pun intended!) purposefully hang a pair of tennis shoes in the lockers of the mudroom, reminding you that you need to take that walk on a daily basis!  

a kitchen with a sink and a stove.

The Power of Color

I could go on and on about the rewards of color and how to use color to temper your mood…want to feel beautiful? Use blush pink in the master bath. Not in a girly way, there are manly ways to pink up! Green is a great color to use in the dining area. Green means “welcome” for both your family and your guest and studies show that green actually makes you feel “full” faster! BONUS! You have a media room that you want the family to watch their favorite flick…. chocolate brown is the best color for this! I encourage you to research color and don’t be afraid to USE it. Even the 3000 shades of white that are out there can stimulate a reaction from one shade to the next!

Dining Room Interior Design

Impactful Design Elements

You know Delight In Designs and we couldn’t write a blog if we didn’t talk about bringing YOUR style into your home. All of us at Delight In Designs have personal elements in our home that tell our story. I have my husband’s grandfather’s top hat proudly displayed in my built-in’s. Jennifer has her son’s (who is now almost 30) red and white swimsuit he had when he was a baby, displayed at her lake house on the porch and Kathy has all of her crystal passed down from her mother, elegantly displayed in a brightly painted curio. Cate has a beam from her family tree farm in her living room, serving as shelves for knick knacks. Don’t be shy about pulling the unexpected out and using it in fun creative ways!

a fireplace with a television mounted above it.

A refreshed home means a fresh start this year. We often get the question of “What is popular right now?” “What are the trends?” To which our reply is “What do YOU love?” In the end it is your door that you come to at the end of a day’s work, kids’ extra-curricular activity, dropping off your dry cleaning greeting you. You’ll want to consider clearing the chaos, using color, and making your home show off your life’s journey. A place to call home isn’t about style and pretty between the four walls. Ultimately, it’s about the love that is shared among the people that live within those walls. Show that love in unique ways throughout your home, allowing you to “love your home!”

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