3 Brilliant Renovations and Additions that will Raise Your Home Value


Interior Design

So many choices, so many decisions! You might feel overwhelmed as there are too many shades of white…you cannot pick just one! Because you want a cohesive look and feel, you’re trying to narrow down your style, but wait! Is my style Transitional? Mid-Century? Eclectic? Why do I have to pick just one?!

There are three simple tricks that will best prepare you for the journey of renovating your home. These tips will not only increase your livable space allowing for a clean, yet cozy design, BUT you’ll find with our tips that you just might increase the value of your home too!

Today’s homeowners want living solutions that are simple and organized while allowing their homes to tell their story!


Interior Design

It is always most economical to build up, but not always the BEST option though! While you can double your living space cost effectively, you’ll want to consider the flow of the home, should the bedrooms be upstairs? The home office as well? And if the office is upstairs, will that be conducive for having clients to the home office?

Be proactive in your planning, look five to ten years ahead and think about how the second story might or might not benefit you.

We’ve had several clients who decided to build up and for them, it was a great decision! We put planning into play, adding a homeschool space in the bonus room, adding a craft room for Mom in the extra bedroom, etc. Spaces that can be dual function are smart and optimize everyone’s living experience!


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We recently worked with a client who added extra living space above their garage. This was an excellent addition as their early 20-something children were going to the local college. It allowed these young adults the freedom to make those mistakes that most twenty somethings do, yet Mom and Dad were close enough to swoop in and help if needed!

And when those 20-somethings move out…guess what? It makes for a perfect in-law suite when the time comes for an elderly parent who may need additional help, yet still want their independence – GREAT use of space!

The external expansion was a perfect solution for this family of six children. It gave the two older ones the freedom and space they needed…and the four younger ones, well, the same thing! Peace and relaxing is something some of us take for granted at home, this family of 8 needed the space to be…HOME!


Kitchen Remodel

There is no better place in the home to invest your dollars than the kitchen!  It’s the place where friends become family, where you entertain, where you gather for the day’s beginning and for the evening’s catch-up conversation. Do yourself a favor and make this space about function!

If you are a baker, then focus on baking features. If you entertain often…a big island with a wine fridge should be in this space! Investing in the right cabinetry, the right footprint ,and the right finishes for yourself is timeless!

There is nothing more rewarding than having a homeowner walk into their newly finished kitchen…it is even better than delivering flowers! Homeowners know that this is the nucleus to the home, where bills get paid and the next weeks meals get planned. Life just happens in the kitchen! 

Home is where you make your story, where you create the memories. What are the smells at Thanksgiving? Where do you put the tree up at Christmas? This is the home where love is bigger than any space you can add…but let’s face it, love is a lot easier if we have the space to function and be ourselves with a good book and a glass of wine.

Have any questions about a renovation or addition to your property? We’ve got you covered! Leave us a comment below or book a discovery call with us.

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  1. Thanks so much for pointing out that not only do home addition increase the living space you have but all the overall value of your home for potential resale. My dad has a friend who’s been wanting to add a second story to his house so he can have more room for his kids and grandkids when they come to visit. We’ve been helping him look for an additions contractor he can work with to get the project started.

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