3 Brilliant Reasons to Add Color & Patterns to Your Interiors


Written by: Kyra Allen

Don’t we all want a home that feels inviting AND inspiring? A space where you can entertain guests, make memories with family, and feel a sense of relaxation and ease. Well, integrating both of those characteristics into your space is easier than you think. Incorporating a mixture of colors and patterns into your home can physically, emotionally, and aesthetically transform your space. Continue reading to learn 3 important reasons why incorporating pops of color and pattern can create a welcoming and comforting environment for you to enjoy.

Reason #1 – Varied Hues for a Healthy, Happy, Vibrant Home

You may not realize how incorporating color into your home can have strong effects on your psychological and emotional being. Integrating color into your space can change your mood, inspire energy, encourage conversation, and infuse relaxation. How nice does that sound!? Therefore, if you are dreaming of a space that creates warmth, happiness and energy then adding colors such as yellow, pinks, or reds will help you achieve that! Take a moment to think about what colors reflect your personality and vision.

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Reason #2 – Plentiful Patterns for a Stunning Space

Now that we have touched on color, it is important to note that incorporating patterns into your space can add a unique touch that differentiates your home from others. With a variety of patterns to choose from, you can find one (or multiple) patterns that best fit your personality and vision to allow your space to reflect YOU! From geometric patterns to floral patterns there are a multitude of options to choose from to best fit your space. You could start by integrating patterns through an area rug, throw pillows, or even furniture pieces such as accent chairs or sofas. Simple changes can TRANSFORM your space! Adding patterns to a space invites individuals in the movement that keeps the eyes scanning the room ultimately, creating visual interest!

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Reason #3 – Coordinating Colors & Patterns for a Harmonious Home

We have now covered the importance of adding color and patterns into your space, but let’s take it one step further. Consider incorporating a mixture of coordinating colors AND patterns into your space. Finding the right mix can convert your simple area to a room that is unique, upbeat, and welcoming! In a recent home renovation, we created a color palette that emphasized a relaxing beach vacation. We incorporated shades of whites and grays, with pops of teal to brighten up the space and create a beachy vibe. Adding a few different shades of blue into the space created a unique and inviting place for individuals to gather and relax in! Once we decided on the desired colors in the space, we started to integrate subtle patterns into some pieces such as a rug in the kitchen, a geometric pattern into the backsplash, and a gray floral tile into the staircase. Adding patterns into your space can be simple and subtle, yet they still create a one-of-a-kind look that can tie your room together!

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Finding the perfect combination of colors and patterns can be a bit daunting due to the endless options to choose from. That’s why Delight in Designs is here to help! Schedule a color consultation with one of our designers. We’d love to help you create your ideal space in your home by finding the perfect mix of colors and patterns that highlights your style and vision! 

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